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        公司简介Company Profile

        JINJIANG SHANSHUI RUBBER&PLASTIC MACHINE CO. , LTD is a RUBBER&PLASTIC MACHINE manufacturing factory, specialized in the production of internal mixer, open mill, Cold-water discharging machine, Cool-rubber Sheet Machine, Rubber Slicing Machine, Rubber Cutting Machine, Welding Machine, Rubber Sheet Separator, Lifting Machine and many other Rubber&plastic Machines, with a modern completed rubber and plastic production line. 
        Our Factory covers a field of around 40,000 square meters with a garden-style design, including the Office Building, Machining Workshop, Electric Welding Workshop, Assembly Shop, professional Paint Spray Shop and many other workshops. We also have a comfortable working environment with Staff Dormitory and Canteen. The company is located in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, the first cultural capital of East Asia. Quanzhou has a beautiful scenery. It is the only starting point of the maritime Silk Road recognized by UNESCO. The first batch of historical and cultural cities announced by the State Council is separated from Taiwan.
        Our company has the latest, most completed design and manufacturing ability for the rubber&plastic machinery, and an excellent after-service system, forming a professional production structure. Our products are far-ranging used in the rubber and plastic foaming industry, widely sold nationally and internationally. The performance of our products and after-service have got a good reputation from the clients. 
        JINJIANG FUJIAN SHANSHUI SHOES MATERIAL CO. , LTD, set up in 1988, is a company specialized in the production and processing of EVA Foaming Products, TPE Foaming Products and Rubber&Plastic Foaming Products. Our company has a completed, practical management system. Our products are widely used in shoes, toys, suitcases, bags, sports equipments and many other fields.
        QUANZHOU SHANSHUI YUANQUAN Mechanical Technology Co. , LTD, set up in 1998, is located in Quanzhou TAIWAN Business investment district, Fujian Province. We are a company specialized in the production of SHANSHUI YUANQUAN oil-pressure machines. We have our own professional designing team, constantly manufacturing the high-precision oil-pressure machines according to the request of the clients.
        发展理念——创新务实 超越自我 精益求精
        技术理念——日新月异 领先一步 持续创新
        人才理念——以人为本 精诚团结 创造幸福
        Company Philosophy
        Technique creates Value. Integrity drives Business.
        Development Philosophy---innovation and pragmatic, seeking a better self and never        satisfied with the perfection.
        Technique Philosophy--- always different, always ahead, constant innovation.
        Service Philosophy--- Pre-sale and after-sales service in all directions.
        Capable personnel Philosophy--- Focus on the people, unite the team, make happiness.
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